Pay speeding tickets and check e-challan online in Mumbai (2023)

What is E Challan?

e-Challan is an online system provided by the Mumbai Traffic Police that makes it easier for drivers to pay their fines directly. It allows citizens to check the status of their challans, identify where traffic violations occurred, generate payment invoices, and make payments electronically without having to go to a police station or court.

The E-Challan portal offers a simple user experience and can be accessed from anywhere with internet access. With just a few clicks, riders can quickly log on, pay for tickets electronically, check the status of their Challans, create payment invoices and track payment progress. This efficient system helps citizens comply with the law and makes it easy for them to avoid expensive fines!

How does eChallenge work?

In Mumbai, the E-Challan system uses CCTV cameras installed throughout the city. These cameras constantly record footage of moving traffic, and if a motorist is found to be breaking traffic rules, the act is recorded and an e-challan is generated. This challan is automatically generated by the device's program, eliminating any possibility of compromise. Then the challan will be saved in real time on the traffic police server for the person to pay for it online or offline. The E-Challan system helps curb traffic offenses, ensuring a safe environment for all road users in Mumbai.

How can I check e-challan status online in Mumbai?

The Parivahan website or MahaTraffic app can be used to check the status of your Maharashtra E-Challan:

Use the MahaTraffic app to find out the status of your e-callan:

  • Install the MahaTraffic app on your phone.

  • Use your phone number to register or log in.

  • You will receive an OTP on the phone number you signed up with. Enter the OTP to complete the registration process.

  • Click on the "My e-Challan" button.

  • Fill out the required fields. You will be prompted to enter your car or challan number.

  • You can search for unpaid e-callans after providing the requested information.

Check the status of your E-Challan via Parivahan:

  • Step 1:Go to Parivahan's E-Challan page.

  • Step 2:Make a note of your Challan number, car registration number or driver's license number.

  • Step 3:You will see your E-Challan list.

  • Level 4:Click on the challan to check the status of your challan or to see if it has been paid.

Check with the ACKO app

This is how you can use the ACKO app to check traffic tickets online:

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  • First install the ACKO app.

  • Then log in and click RTO Information.

  • On the next page there is an option for 'E-Challan Status' - click on it and enter your vehicle registration number.

  • You will then be presented with a page listing all outstanding Challans that have been paid for your vehicle.

How to pay for train tickets online in Mumbai?

E-Challan traffic Paid online

You can make your challan payment for Mumbai transport online in two ways – through Parivahan website or Mumbai Transport official website.

Use of the transport point

You can also pay for your traffic challan in Mumbai online through Parivahan Sewa, the Government of India's official e-challan website.

  • Step 1:Go to Parivahan's E-Challan page.

  • Step 2:Write your username and password

  • Step 3:Make a note of your Challan number, vehicle registration number or driver's license number.

  • Level 4:Enter the Captcha code and click the button.

  • Step 5:Select an E-Challan from the list displayed to make the payment.

  • Step 6:The details of your offense and the amount of the fine will be displayed.

  • Step 7:To pay the bill.

  • Step 8:Once you have paid for the challan you will receive an SMS confirmation and the transaction ID.

Use of Maharashtra Government official website

surfing the internetMaharashtra Police Challan Searchit's easy.

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  • First, accept the warning, then enter a Challan Number, Driver's License, or Vehicle Number and click Search.

  • Immediately, the details of the offense and the amount owed are displayed.

  • Check the box and press Make payment. Then select your bank and complete the transaction.

  • After making a payment, you will receive a confirmation receipt confirming completion.

How do I make an online payment for an E-Challan via Paytm?

With a very simple process, online payment gateways like Paytm are a joy to use. Here's what you need to do to pay for your challan online:

Make e-challan payments using the Paytm mobile application

Making e-challan payments with the Paytm mobile app is a simple and secure process.

  • First, launch the app and select "Recharge & Pay Bills" and then scroll down to the "Challan" option.

  • Enter the Challan Number and Vehicle Number, then select 'Continue' to confirm before selecting your preferred payment method.

With just a few taps, you can easily pay efficiently and securely when paying for your e-challans. Simplify life by using the convenient Paytm app for a hassle-free process.

On the Paytm website

Paying for an E-Challan on Paytm is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  • First, access Challan's bill payment page and select Traffic Authority as your option. You must provide relevant information such as Challan number, Challan identification code and vehicle number.

  • Next, proceed to check the amount of the challan and select your preferred payment method.

  • Finally make the payment and that's it! With a few clicks you can pay for your challan and be on your way.

E-Challan Validity

The E-Challan issued in Mumbai is valid for 60 days from the date of issue. This means you must make your payment within this time frame, otherwise your E-Challan could be referred to a court, which could result in further legal action. The E-Challan system makes it easy to pay these fines online, so there should be no excuse for not paying them on time. Ultimately it is up to you to ensure your payment is made before the 60 day deadline and if not you may face the consequences!


The online system for getting e-challan and paying in Mumbai is a boon for those who have dealt with the headache that comes from having a day off and queuing at the traffic police station. With this system you can retrieve your E-Challan and pay for parking, speeding and other fines without leaving your home. That means no more long lines or wasted time - just a few clicks and you're done! So the next time you're caught running a red light or speeding in Mumbai, use the online system - it's simply the easiest way to get your tickets taken care of.

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Frequently Asked Questions -

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about E-Challan in Mumbai.

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What happens if I don't pay a raging challan in Mumbai?

If you don't pay for your E-Challan at the designated place or online, a police officer may come to your address to collect payment. If this still does not lead to payment, you will be summoned to court where you will have to justify the non-payment. If you don't appear in court, the traffic authority can suspend your driver's license until the fee is paid.

How to complain about an E-Challan due to bad traffic?

If you have been issued with a bogus traffic e-challan, the Department for Roads and Motorways gives you the opportunity to appeal against it. Follow these simple steps to complete the process:

  • Step 1:Visit to the officere-Challan-Website.

  • Step 2:Find the Complaints System link on this page and click on it. Here is the direct link to this

  • Step 3:Login to your account by entering all your personal information like name, contact number, callan number sent to you via SMS or registered mobile number etc.

  • Level 4:Upload any evidence that can support your claim using the upload option and make sure you enter the captcha code correctly. This is important!

  • Step 5:Once you've completed these four steps, all you have to do is click the submit button and you're done!

Now, if you've been wrongly accused of a fake E-Challan, take this opportunity offered by the Department for Roads and Motorways to file a complaint without delay before your time is up!

What app is used to verify E-Challan in Mumbai?

  1. RTO E-Challan Bombayis an application that allows users to easily and conveniently check their E-Challans generated by Traffic Police (RTO) of Mumbai Rural and Urban area. The app provides a convenient way to register vehicle numbers, pay Challan fines, update or delete registered vehicles and more. This app helps to ensure compliance with traffic rules in Mumbai RTO areas and make them safer for both residents and visitors.

  2. Park+website/Application:This is another way for people in Mumbai to check their traffic police e-challan status.

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  3. E-Challan mobile application:This app is deployed in 104 RTOs in 5 cities in Maharashtra, making it easier for people to pay for their e-challans instantly.

  4. Pay:People can also make Challan payments instantly on Paytm for Mumbai traffic. The app is available for E-Challan payments in Pune, Mumbai and other cities in Maharashtra.

Can regular police cut challan in Mumbai?

The short answer is no. Only traffic cops in Mumbai can issue tickets, also known as challans. Ordinary police personnel cannot issue chalans or issue tickets for traffic offenses. This means that if you are stopped by a police officer, they cannot issue a challan. The only authorities who can do this are the police chief and senior officials.

Can Mumbai Police issue an E-Challan if they are not wearing a helmet?

Yes, Mumbai Police can issue Challans if you are not wearing a helmet. Under Sections 129 and 194D of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, Traffic Police can impose a fine on any cyclist not wearing a helmet. So if you're caught driving without protecting your helmet, you'll receive an E-Challan and face a fine.

What information does an E-Challan contain?

An E-Challan issued by the Traffic Police contains information about the traffic violation and the amount of the respective fine under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. It also contains details such as the driver's name, vehicle registration number, location of the violation, date and time of violation etc.

What documents are required to drive a car in Mumbai?

To drive a car in Mumbai, you will need the following documents: Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC), Vehicle Insurance Policy, Vehicle Documents Checklist, PUC Certificate, Vehicle Insurance Certificate, Driver’s License and Pollution Controlled Certificate.

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Disclaimer:The information mentioned on this page comes from government websites and various online sources. They are subject to change due to government rules and regulations.

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