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Amazon's Fire tablets offer decent performance - they're cheap devices with decent screens and relatively good performance. However, although the tablets run an Android-based operating system called Fire OS, they don't come with the Google Play Store or popular Google apps like Gmail, YouTube or Google Maps.

But it's very easy to install Google services on an Amazon Fire tablet - and that's true for Amazon's 2020 series tablets, the 10th generationAmazon Fogo HD 8eAmazon Fire HD 8 Plus, which comes with Android-based Fire OS 7 software.Modernize: If you want to install the Google Play Store on 12th generation Amazon Fire tablets released in 2022, running Fire OS 8 andthe instructions are a little different.

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Modernize: If you are looking for an easier method, you might want to check its latest versionfire toolbox, whichsimplifies the process and offers more hacking features on the Fire tablet. However, you might still want to check out the steps below if you just want to install the Google Play Store and other Google services.

For more details on how to use Fire Toolbox, you can also check Liliputing's article about it.install Google Play on Fire HD 10 (9th generation).

In addition to allowing you to access Google apps on Amazon tablets, loading Google Play will allow you to install any apps, games, music, movies, and e-books you've already paid for on Google's digital marketplace, without having to pay again on the Amazon. showcase.

Note that it is not possibleeachthe app on play store will work properly. And there is no guarantee that installing Google services will not cause problems for your tablet, but you can always uninstall Google services if you are not satisfied with everything.

Another thing to keep in mind: following the steps below will not root your tablet. It will continue to run Fire OS instead of stock Android software. You will only have access to Google apps and services. Olast methodto root Amazon Fire devicesdoes not work on Fire HD 8 2020 series tablets. Youhe can, howeverdisable most Amazon appsif you don't use them. This can provide a more Android-like experience.

Without further ado, here's a guide to installing Google Play on Amazon's latest tablets.

Step 1 – Allow installation of unknown apps

  • Open settings.
  • Select the Security and Privacy option.
  • Find and select the option that says “Apps from unknown sources”.
  • Tap the Amazon Silk browser option.
  • Slide the switch that allows Silk to install apps from unknown sources.

You can now download and install apps from sources other than the Amazon Appstore. So let's find the application installation files you need.

Note: If you just want to download apps from third party sources like for exampleAPKMirror, are you ready. However, read on to learn how you can sideload Google Play to access the Google app store and access any apps or games you may have already paid for on Google's digital marketplace.

Step 2 – Download and install the following APK files

Open the Silk browser and download and install the APK files listed below in the order they are listed. Please note that if this is your first time downloading something with Silk, you will need to grant your browser access to local storage before continuing. Also note that rather than linking to a specific file, I'm telling you where to get the latest versions whenever you read this guide:

After downloading each file, you will see a pop-up notification asking if you want to install the app. Press the OK button, select Install, Finish at the end and proceed to the next application.

Steps 3 & 4 – Reboot your tablet and sign in to your Google account

  • After downloading and installing all four apps mentioned above, press and hold the power button until you see the reset option and select it. This may not be absolutely necessary, but it's probably a good idea.
  • After the tablet restarts, find the Google Play Store icon, open the app and log in with your Google username and password.

At this point, the Play Store will guide you through the login process. Once that's done, you'll be able to download and install most of the apps available on the Google Play Store.

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What is the next?

Now that Google Play is installed, you can disable certain apps or Amazon features that you don't use. We have a guide for that:

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  1. These guys suck, they're no help at all

  2. how can i login

  3. I downloaded each of the files to my Amaxon tablet and installed them, but I don't see an app for the Google Play Store. I have verified that the APK files have been downloaded to my tablet, but nothing seems to work as you describe.

  4. I downloaded everything and went into the store, but I'm stuck on "check for updates" and I can't proceed. Help!

  5. I've done this and it works great. Today I received a software update notification. Will installing the Amazon software update undo this “hack”?

    1. They usually don't remove the Play Store or Play Services, but if you've turned off lock screen ads or made other changes, you may need to do them again after installing an update.

  6. Hi, I can't manage my Google account when I click the manage Google account button. It says (Something went wrong. Some information may not be up to date. Please try again later). I wonder if it's just me or has anyone else experienced this? Please advise, thank you.

    1. It did the same for me, but then I realized that you need to download and install the APK files in the right order, after deleting and installing them in the right way, everything was fine.

  7. I used your instructions to add the Google Play Store to my Amazon tablet, PERFECT!! THANKS!!!
    I wanted some Google apps that Amazon didn't have. BUT when I access my son's account, it doesn't allow me to share content I've downloaded from Google, only from Amazon. I want to share the Google family link so I can assign my child homework through Google Classroom. Any suggestions on how to get around the problem?

  8. Hello. Every time I try to open the second application I get the error "there was a problem parsing the package". What am I doing wrong? Fire HD 8. Thanks.

  9. Gavin says problem parsing package, why?

  10. New Kindle Fire HD 8 (10th Gen)

    I can sign in to the Play Store and get a notification on my phone that I'm signed in on a different device. The Play Store seems to work fine BUT when I try to download an app it gets stuck at "Waiting for download...".

    I have downloaded and tried several different apk files using the instructions provided here and it keeps crashing here! Any help will be greatly appreciated! thanks!

  11. It worked
    Thanks for your wonderful post

  12. The frame file could not be parsed. whatever that means. I tried several methods of downloading files. Nothing works.

  13. Correctly!

  14. i've done this before with my kids, my kindle fire 8 is now its 2020 version and i downloaded and installed the first 3 links but i can't download the play store, i click download apk and it just doesn't say the download will start but there is no suggestions why or how can i download it please help me

  15. the login button doesn't seem to work, help please

    1. I'm having the same problem, everything loads but the Google login button does nothing.

      1. even here

      2. Me, just sitting there...

      3. Me too, has anyone found a cure?

      4. Same problem. You cannot click the login button.

  16. Completed on Kindle 8 (10th generation) today. Easy and it worked perfectly. Thank you for the work process and for putting me on the path.

    1. Kindle Fire 8 (10th generation)

  17. I've installed Google services on previous Fire Tablets like the 2017 HD 8 with no issues. The method described here is basically the same as before, except that Google Play Services is not working. There are three APKs on the apkmirror page linked here, and all three give the same result. Play Store works, Account Manager and everything works, but I can't use Google Play Games. I can't log in, I can't save data to the cloud, and I keep getting notifications that Google Play Services needs to be updated. When I tap the (persistent and non-stop) notification about this, I'm taken to Google Play Services in the Play Store, but there's no option to update it, just turn it off. Then it sends the nasty notification.

    For now, I resigned myself to not having Cloud Saves in mobile games and turned off the annoying notification in options. However, something is clearly wrong here, either with the tutorial itself or with the APK files contained within apkmirror. 🤷‍♂️

  18. The main reason I use a Kindle Fire tablet is privacy. Google can't spy on me if I don't use their apps.

    1. Yes. Amazon does it instead. 👏

  19. Finally informing me a little bit about the options available for my favorite affordable tablet, a Kindle Fire hd8… They really have been abused by cyberthugz using subatomic quantum nuclear physics particle spy gear! I have five (5) Kindles, so when I'm bullied by one I can just switch to another, and somehow cybertyrantz manages to hack all five (5) at once! It's a miserable experience not being able to use your device's features and being harassed, harassed, harassed, blocked and harmed by cybercriminals acting like cybercriminals! I was very, very depressed about my situation, being held hostage to closed-loop, finite, "DNS-less" Ethernet instead of the real, real, cool, genuine, true Internet! All I want is to have access to news, music, movies, books and games without the tyrannical rule of strangers that clutter up our network and directly interfere with all our devices… I never want to be a “developer”! We just want the unlimited access we pay handsomely for every month, but are being denied by scammers... they are exponentially at fault, only their fault exceeds their responsibility! Please help!!

  20. After all 4 downloads, the Google icon does not appear.

    1. Same

  21. Google Play Store freezes when I try to open the app. Any suggestion?

  22. Any idea why the Google Framework services (second download) won't load? Tried the last 9 and still can't.

    1. Toolbox version 7.1 does not support Fire HD 8 10th Gen (2020) yet, but the developer plans to add support in the next update. As of June 7, 2020, the best way to do this is to enter the commands manually.

      1. Update: As of version 7.2, 10th Gen Fire HDIt issupported. Using the toolbox may be easier for some people to use.

  23. Brad…

    Rate the tutorial. I'm waiting for Amazon Prime Day to find one of these, but I've definitely bookmarked this page for later.

    I'm still fighting with myself on the new 8 vs 10. I can't decide, to be honest with you.

    To improve,


    1. I bought the HD10 (previous generation) and it is very good. But the new HD8 is the latest and the Plus has even more RAM than the current HD10. If you need one now I'd get the 8, otherwise I'd wait for them to update the 10.

  24. "Enough Goodbye"

    Zapp Brannigan, is that you?

    1. Kiff, ask me for a velvet cover for my new Fire 8HD! 🤭

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