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When you think of Florida, you think of the Sunshine State, known for both its vacations and endless entertainment. While this can propel our state's economy forward and prosper, both visitors and residents can endure situations where they engage in criminal activity, often as first-time offenders.

Being arrested for the first time for ignorance of the law, an honest mistake or even a misunderstanding can be a very distressing experience; But you don't just have to face your criminal charges in Hernando County or the surrounding areas. During this scary time as a first offender, be sure to explore all of your defense options and consult with an experienced Brooksville defense attorney.

Being arrested for the first time is a terrifying experience. Many first-time offenders only have an understanding of their rights and their crime that goes as far as Hollywood has told them. If you were first arrested anywhere in Hernando County, Citrus County, Sumter County and the Pasco County area including Brooksville, Spring Hill, Timber Pines, Brookridge, High Point, Hernando Beach, Inverness, Inverness Highlands, Beverly Hills, Hernando, Center Hill, Webster, The Villages, Dade City, Shady Hills and Hudson, The Law Firm's Defense Approach by Ashley Aulls, P.A. could be right for you.

Ashley Aulls places great importance on providing each of her clients with an explanation of their charges and case at every step of the process.florida criminal proceedingsand offers open communication by giving customers access to their mobile phones, including communication via SMS. A practicing attorney since 1996, he knows what it takes to win a criminal case in the Hernando County area and how he can help ease the anxiety and stress of a first-time offender. The law firm of Ashley Aulls, P.A. handles many types of first offender cases, including cases involving:

  • Pre-Judicial Intervention
  • alternate sentencing
  • dismissal of the charge
  • drug court
  • Applies to professional licenses

To find out what the law firm of Ashley Aulls, P.A. you can call for your first offender case in the Brooksville area(352) 593-4115today and schedule your first case consultation with Ashley Aulls.

Florida Information Center for First-Time Offenders

  • Common first offenses in the Hernando County area
  • Options for first-time offenders in Brooksville
  • Resources for first time offenders in Hernando County

Common first offenses in the Hernando County area

The atmosphere surrounding the state's tourism and entertainment, including amusement parks and golf courses, can sum up the nature of most Florida first crimes. Poor decision-making in a busy environment can result in a minor non-violent situation leading to a first-time offense.

Conversely, the relative quiet of the smaller towns in Hernando, Sumter, and Citrus counties lead to the creation of their own distractions, which also puts you on the path to possible crime. Common first offenses in the environment are:

  • drug possession
  • Possession of drugs with intent to sell
  • Possession of alcohol by a minor
  • DUI
  • street racing and/or reckless driving
  • Reckless behavior or physical harm/battery

The state of Florida takes all of these crimes very seriously, but the defendant has virtually no threat of recidivism if it's his first time. As with all crimes, once you have been charged with any of these crimes, time is of the essence. Don't waste time that you could spend building a solid, comprehensive defense. Consult an experienced criminal defense attorney to increase your chances of getting a favorable outcome in your Brooksville first offender case.

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Options for first-time offenders in Brooksville

Despite Florida's punitive stance on many crimes, like DUI and drug offenses, it can be moderately progressive when it comes to rehabilitating first-time offenders and making efforts to ensure they don't come back. Depending on the case, a first-time offender may have various options and programs available, including:

  • Meet with prosecutors before any formal charges are brought against you: this is to show your clean record and all the evidence that this type of crime will never happen again. Your lawyer can also go through the facts with you and point out any deficiencies and errors. This could result in your charges being reduced or dismissed altogether.
  • Distraction/Pre-Trial Intervention: Local prosecutors have these types of programs that can be offered to first-time offenders with simple, non-violent third-degree felony charges or those with misdemeanor charges. Once the defendant has met the terms of the program set by the local prosecutor's office, which includes things like counseling, community service, or reparations payments, the charges are dropped.
  • Drug Court: The Florida adult drug court program is for defendants who can show that their drug or non-drug related offense was motivated by addiction, not malice, and therefore the person would benefit from the program. To enter a drug court, defendants must meet certain requirements, which may include pre-trial intervention, probation, and/or clinical evaluation. After the trial is complete, the defendant may have a right to have the charges dismissed, thereby avoiding a conviction for a nonviolent misdemeanor or felony.
  • Plea Agreements: Emphasizing your lack of a criminal record in a plea agreement could work in your favor to negotiate specific recovery programs, special probation terms, or withhold the award in exchange for guilty or nolo contendere opposition on your part. Your experienced criminal defense attorney in Hernando County will likely know the best strategies for contacting the DA and working with them to reach a settlement.

After your initial criminal charges have been successfully reduced, dismissed or dismissed by the courts with your experienced crime attorney serving Hernando County, your record still indicates a criminal arrest. You can seal or erase your criminal record and your experienced Spring Hill criminal attorney can help you with that.

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Resources for first time offenders in Hernando County

Hernando County Drug Court- The Hernando County Drug Court is a court-supervised program for non-violent offenders of certain drug-related offenses. The defendant pleads guilty, is receiving addiction treatment, is required to follow strict guidelines, and may be eligible to have his or her charges dropped upon successful completion of the program. For more specific information not found at this link to their website, please contact:

Alternative dishes coordinator
Main Street 20 N, Sala 242
Brooksville, FL 34601
(352) 540-6279

Florida Fifth Judicial Circuit – Hernando County– The Florida state court system has two types of courts, circuit courts and county courts. County courts generally have jurisdiction over violations of municipal or county ordinances, relocation violations, and misdemeanors, and county courts generally have jurisdiction over juvenile justice cases, domestic violence, domestic relations, and felonies. Visit their website via this link for more information.

20 North Main Street
Brooksville, FL 34601
(352) 754-4201

2012 Florida Statutes- What many first-time offenders in Hernando County, Sumter County, and Citrus County don't know is that all of Florida's laws are available online on one free, easy-to-navigate website. Follow this link to Online Sunshine where you can search for your charges under the Florida Statutes and learn more about your criminal charges.

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The law firm of Ashley Aulls, P.A. | Defense Attorney for Hernando County's first offender

If you have been arrested and are facing your first criminal charges anywhere in the Hernando County area including Brooksville, Spring Hill, Homosassa Springs, Masaryktown, Spring Lake, Citrus Hills, Crystal River, Black Diamond, Coleman, St. Leo, Crystal Springs, Quail Ridge and San Antonio turn to veteran criminal defense attorney Ashley Aulls to defend your first criminal case.

He will allay your fears as you fight ruthlessly to have your Florida criminal prosecution charge reduced, dismissed, withheld, deferred, or some other favorable outcome by using your clean record as a mitigating circumstance. To arrange your consultation on what The Law Office of Ashley Aulls, P.A. You can call for your first arrest(352) 593-4115hallo.

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